Video | 2:48

Boomer - Award for Exemplary Companion Dog

ACE Exemplary Companion Dog Honoree: “Boomer,” an Australian Shepherd owned by Connie Dilts of Smicksburg, Pennsylvania. It was like any other day when Connie Dilts embarked on her usual walk with her two Australian Shepherds, Boomer and Reina, except on this day Boomer would save her life. On a remote road one mile from home, a bear charged at and violently attacked Connie. It wasn’t long until Boomer was upon the bear, keeping him away from Connie and ultimately forcing the bear to flee. To be safe, Boomer chased the bear to ensure it didn’t return. Boomer returned some time later, the only battle scar a scrape on her nose.

2014 AKC Humane Fund ACE Awards